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I stood naked over him and took a picture

Why do I love everything about this

this is so cute

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Einstein once said that there
is no such thing as darkness,
only absence of light.
I now understand the darkness
that overcame me when
you left.

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"A gentle reminder that your heart is a
muscle and so should be exercised regularly,
love often and love deeply."

- Beau Taplin  (via lovequotesrus)

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Water Nymphs, Henrietta Rae (1909)

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love my friends for this birthday cake

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"People will want you to behave a certain way, to make a certain choice because it reinforces the way they see the world… But you have to do what’s right for you."

- Unknown  (via psych-facts)

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"There are two ways you can get through pain. You can let it destroy you, or you can use it as fuel to drive you: to dream bigger, work harder."

- Taylor Swift (via psych-facts)

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