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"You are not in this world to live up to anybody’s expectations but your own. Do what you think is right."

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"If you’re going to love me
do it right,
do it hard
but be gentle."

- Alex Elle  (via anxiety-driven)

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"The worst part of a heartbreak is when the other person makes it seem so easy to be okay."

- someone on the ugly side of heartbreak (via thekidssweusedtobe)

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How do I get this job?

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This place looking like a got damn 90s anime water scene

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I love this so much I reblog it every time I see it on my dash

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I need that over my bedroom door.

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"When you asked me if I was alright and I told you I was sad, you never texted me back. I don’t know why I expected you to care because you only ever loved the parts of me that were easy to love."

- Midnight Thoughts (I guess I’m not worth the effort)

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She lends her pen,
to thoughts of him,
that flow from it,
in her solitary.

For she is his poet,
And he is her poetry.


- Lang LeavLove & Misadventure (via feellng)

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